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Interesting Sites

Here are several web sites that you may find interesting or helpful:


WavesBullet     S-100 Computers

S-100 Computers is a website by John Monahan that is devoted to users of S-100 bus computers and concentrates on the CP/M family of operating systems. His most recent work is development of an IDE Controller for use with CP/M. If you use CP/M you may wish to check this out. When he has completed his work, we are hoping he will also help us with the Z-100's CP/M operating systems.


WavesBullet     Antediluvian Designs

Antediluvian Designs is a website by Eric Neilson in Plano, Texas. He has several vintage technology projects that he describes, one of which is a Z-100. He has scanned and has links for Z-100 manuals, publications and software, including the various versions of CP/M. He has also scanned ALL the issues of "REMark" magazine that you can now view on line. There is obviously lots to see, check it out and make it a favorite. 


WavesBullet     The Heathkit Museum

The Heathkit Museum was a virtual tour of many Heathkit products, but I have not been able to find this site up in quite a while. Before the demise of the @home web server, I seem to recall there was a much more extensive line-up of products described, but it is mostly radios now. I hope this expands again to include computers. Well, I tried the site again in February 2023 and it is back up. Give it a try.


WavesBullet     REMarks Newsletter

The REMarks Newsletter is a new newsletter first published December 1, 2020 by Glenn Roberts. As Glenn states on his website, "This is an experimental publication to capture and share knowledge and experiences with Heathkit computers. It was inspired, in part, by the original "REMark" magazine, published for many years by the Heath Users Group. Each issue will address one or more topics of interest to collectors, hobbyists and computer historians. Currently these are not being published on a fixed schedule, rather they will appear as material is available. Contributions are most definitely welcome! Post ideas, suggestions and comments to the SEBHC google group mailing list." By the way, SEBHC is the Society of Eight-Bit Heathkit Computerists. Check it out. I'm sure Glenn would be interested in your thoughts and ideas for articles.


WavesBullet     Old-Computer Museum

The Old-Computer Museum is a French web site (but in English) developed by Thierry Schembri and Olivier Boisseau. The site provides information on over 700 old computer systems from around the world, including the H/Z-89 and H/Z-100. Use the search window to locate the computer you desire information about.


WavesBullet     Bill Wilkinson's Site

Bill Wilkinson's Site describes his experiences with the Heath Company. A former electronics technician, he also includes troubleshooting help with separate sections for the H-19 and H-89 terminals.


WavesBullet     Gene Buckle's Site

Gene Buckle's Site provides an interesting step into the past, discussing numerous subjects about all the early Heathkit computers, including the H-8, H-89/90, and the H-100. He also provides an on-line copy of the first issue of "The Staunch 8/89'er", a newsletter for the H-8 and H-89 written by Kirk Thompson and later, Hank Lotz.


WavesBullet    Herb Johnson's S-100 Site and Herb Johnson's Zenith Site and Herb Johnson's Z-100 Repair Site
Herb Johnson's S-100 Site provides a source of information regarding the S-100 bus computers, of which the H/Z-100 was one. Herb Johnson's Zenith Site provides an important remaining source of Zenith software, manuals, and parts. And, his latest, Herb Johnson's Z-100 Repair Site offers another important source of Z-100 repair information. You may also recall that Herb wrote a series of articles about the S-100 Bus for "The Computer Journal" in the 1990s as "Dr. S-100".


WavesBullet    Harte Technologies

Harte Technologies provides an interesting site with manuals to a number of Heath/Zenith Computers, including the H/Z-89/90 series and the H/Z-100 series computers. For Z-100 specific documentation, add "Z-100/" at the end of the URL. This is a work in progress, but if you need a .pdf version of the Technical or Service Manual, this is the place to go. Be aware that these are LARGE documents and take awhile to download. The H/Z-100 schematics will be added in the near future. My thanks to Howard Harte, Barry Watzman, and the others who helped with this project.


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